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How AI is transforming influencer marketing and what to expect


Influencer marketing has existed for a while now and because of the fact that the market is still growing with new advertisers wanting to invest in influencer campaigns it will continue to increase.

The global influencer marketing industry ad spend could approximately end up on 10 billion USD in 2020, according to Mediakix.

AI Influencer Marketing Systems

The use of artificial intelligence is growing in Influencer marketing, as well as in Influencer marketing in general. After several years of working with Influencer marketing, more has become automated. Adviral offers AI, that provide a solution for all advertisers needs, such as brand awareness, visibility, intel about your audience and data analysis.

Companies that works within Influencer marketing often say that they use different types of AI, but now we’re going to have a closer look at the ways that AI could really transform your Influencer marketing.

In an interview with Advirals Data Scientist Kamil Czarnogorski, he says:

The most important points to create efficient brand building with AI, would be to collect reliable data and using it to optimize your predefined goals. Sally does that via constant monitoring of traffic flows and shopping behaviours and uses that knowledge to reach a broader audience

What is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (especially so called AGI) is a field that finds its enthusiasts among scientists but also modern philosophers and futurists. It is definitely not here yet, but something people aim towards (and maybe seem to be on a 50 years horizon).

Machine Learning is set of predefined mathematical tools that include a very broad range of models like neural networks, random forests, but also unsupervised learning algorithms like neural autoencoders/k-means and reinforcement learning where agents learn behavior based on rewards from dynamic environment, this one is present in online marketing. One simple example of reinforcement learning application to online marketing is intelligent A/B testing via multi-armed bandits.

Deep Learning is a very specific term on the other hand, it is a subset of Machine Learning as it is related to neural networks only. The word “deep” of deep learning refers to neural network architecture (how many neuron layers are stacked together). It is very popular because of it’s catchy name, but also for the great performance it brings.

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Kamil Czarnogorski has many years experience from working with AI and explains all the benefits Advirals AI powered influencer marketing systems have.

The main benefit is being ahead of others on the market. With proper data utility you can reach more customers helping all parties involved, influencers to find followers, followers to buy goods they want and advertisers to sell these goods – All these mean profit!

Kamil Czarnogorski, Data Scientist Adviral

Could machines replace humans?

It has become a buzz on social media about computer-generated influencers, a recent example is Miquela Sousa.

It is already happening to some extend but it should not be scaring anyone. Actually a simple calculator already replaced human abilities to some extend years ago and no one was really crying. Andrew Ng said something very interesting about which human tasks can be replaced with AI easily. He said that any decision a smart human can make within a second could be performed by trained machine, and I think this is very realistic.

Kamil Czarnogorski, Data Scientist Adviral

Miquela Sousa, Fashion’s First Computer-Generated Influencer

AI has during the last couple of years made it’s way into influencer marketing. Advirals AI powered Influencer marketing platform helps advertisers discover a technology that offers an accurate, reliable and transparent framework that proves advertisers return of investment in real-time.