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Highlights from 2018


CLIENT: Volkswagen

Volkswagens new Touareg was launched at the end of August and together with our friends at Watz Evnt we created an event beyond the expected! We celebrated big time in the beautiful halls at Fotografiska with artists on stage, a magic unveiling with great dancers and of course the car in center. We brought our technique so that the guests could recommend to book a trial run of the new car to their friends or followers with a direct link in their social channels. The event reached a total of 12 million digital exposures and was a big success!

CLIENT: NCP Olfactives

Noomi Rapace and her team behind NCP Olfactives came to visit Adviral HQ to present their fragrance layering concept.

CLIENT: L’Oréal – essie

Togheter with Essie, Adviral hosted a lunch to celebrate their collection with their ambassador Sofia Fahrman.


We created the launch party for NENT Groups new TV production Paradise Sthlm at High Definition, where the TV-serie was also produced.


L’Oréals new products Cica Cream and Glow Box Tool were released along with their Mother and Daughter campaign, and we got the honor to create an event for brand awareness and pampering. With skincare as the main focus the influencers and their mother enjoyed a cosy dinner with the L’Oréal-team, got to stay over and in the morning they could get their makeup done with makeup products from the new collection.


Together with CLEAN we invited 20 influencers to a magical breakfast to talk about the lastest trend: Layering! We took a trip down memory lane and learned about how the brand was founded, about the different scents in the perfumes and how you can layer them for a unique fragrance.

That’s how we do it! 2018 was an epic year to say the least and we want to thank all of our clients, members and our awesome Adviral team!