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Best Heated Car Seat Cover to Buy of 2022

Mike Hagerty
  May 18, 2022 8:14 PM

There are a few excellent options available. The trick is to figure out which ones are worth the investment. This is why we've made an extensive list of reviews on our top covered best heated car seat cover!

This article you'll learn about some of the best choices to cover your car's seats with heated, as well as what to look at when buying one. All of the options we have listed are compatible by a regular 12V receptacle like the cigarette lighter port or accessory port that is inside your car.

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Buying a heated car seat cover goes beyond just getting something that makes your butt warm. You should definitely consider the following criteria before making your selection
Comfort and Breathability
You don’t want to buy a car seat cover that isn’t pleasant to sit on. If you’re purchasing a cover from an auto parts store or physical location, see if you can’t set them up and try them out. And it’s not just a good cushion you want either. You want to make sure that the seat cover allows for proper ventilation to your back and bottom.  Breathability will make for greater comfort—especially for longer drives.

Ease of Installation
Installing a seat cover into your car shouldn’t be a struggle. They should be able to easily be put in with minimal effort. One thing to look out for is to see if they’ll fit for your car. If you’ve got bigger seats, opt for a cover that’s either wide enough or tall enough to fit your needs.
Non-Slip Back with Grippy Front
This is a much more important factor than you might realize. Having a non-slip seat cover is essential. The back of the cover should have a way to grip onto your car seat whether that’s through the use of textured material or rubber. This prevents the seat cover from sliding when you are entering and exiting the vehicle or during sharp turns. You also want a seat cover that’s got a bit of grip on the front side. You don’t want to be sliding around in your seat.

A heated car seat cover

Heating Element Safety
Always check reviews on the heating element before you make any purchase. The last thing you want is for a heating element to go rogue and catch fire.

Heating Element Efficiency
This refers to how fast the heating element gets up to temperature and how well it holds it. Ideally, you’re looking for something that heats up fast and can maintain that temperature for the duration of use. Often, seat covers will come with automatic timers to prevent burnout of the heating elements. Our top choice has a cyclic temperature control which is very effective.

Temperature Control
Each car seat cover will come with a remote that controls the temperature. However, not all remotes are built alike. The best remotes are those that allow an exact temperature selection. But you’ll mostly find vague temperature settings such as high, medium, and low.Also, if you don’t like heated car seat covers, then portable car heaters may be another option worth considering.

After putting together all these reviews, we have a clear-cut winner for the best heated car seat cover.

The KINGLETING Heated Car Seat Cover.

It’s just got so many premium features that are done so well. The intelligent temperature control and cyclic heating is a very useful and rare find within a seat cover. Plus the breathability of it 3D mesh makes it easily our top pick.But if you’re on a tight budget, the HealthMate IN9438 Velour Heated Seat Cushion is just perfect. It also has some unique features all to its own such as the velour cushioning and lumbar support. If you’re a long-distance driver, we definitely recommend checking this one out. And at such a bargain, you’d be crazy not to.Choosing the right seat cover for your situation can be a tough decision, but we hope that this guide can help you narrow it down. We should never sacrifice our right to ride as comfortably as possible.

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