Our Story

Once upon a time our founders had an online store, they needed a way to get out on the market, get viral. So they started Blogfame.com and very soon after they discovered that everyone wanted to tag along. That is the short saga of how Adviral was born.

Pr & Branding

We can pinpoint branding and awareness for your brand. As the biggest influencer network in the Nordic region we can create visibility in volume and create a movement in social media.


We create visibility for your brand. We pick out influencers that suits you and we set up everything around it. You will receive posts, links, tags, hashtags to your channels.

Social Media

The new word of mouth. With flexible campaigns your brand can get the best of reach. Our marketing platform that gives your brand credibility.

App & Mobile

Make life easy, we want our influencers to have a easy way of branding you on affiliate. We have therefor created an app for our service. You can now easy push out campaigns on the go!

Branding on effect

This theme does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use.

Influencer marketing

This is the place to be, the buzz is now and the journey has only started.

We can proudly call ourself the biggest and fastest growing social affiliate network in the Nordic region, working mostly with bloggers and social medias. Our key? Simplicity!

We work with influencers and influencers only

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This is who we are

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